In this article, you’re going to learn about the best places to find your TRT supplies online.

Note: This article is primarily relevant for those patients injecting their testosterone.


At some stage in your TRT journey, you’re likely going to reach a point where you need to buy your own TRT supplies. This may include needles, syringes, alcohol pads and more.

When you initially start testosterone replacement therapy, it’s more than likely that your doctor will provide this equipment. Either they will administer the injection directly, or provide you with the supplies to self-inject.

You and/or your doctor may decide to allow you to self-administer your injections. You may be able to continue getting these supplies from your doctor, but it may also be cheaper and more practical to buy your own supplies in bulk.

It’s also a lot more practical to manage your own supplies if you travel a lot, or move around between countries.

You can search online for what you’re looking for, but I created this page to help save you time.

The aim of this page is to list all the online retailers where you can find all the supplies that you need for your TRT.

The listings are broken down according to the different regions globally. This list will be maintained and kept up to date as frequently as possible.

If you know of any reliable stores online that you have personally used for TRT supplies, please drop a comment below with the details, and I’ll look into it and list it here if applicable.



Below are the stores that myself and other patients have had success with getting TRT supplies in the UK. 

Amazon UK is hit or miss. Sometimes they have stock and sometimes they don’t. Due to this unreliability, I prefer to use the next option below for getting my supplies in the UK 

Medisave was my go to supplier in the UK. Very cheap and quick, reliable delivery. Stocked everything I needed, and more. 

I stumbled upon Ebay by pure chance, and had no trouble getting supplies from a vendor here. Just make sure that you buy from a vendor with a good review score, and you should be fine. This is great as a backup if all else fails.


While I am sure there are stores available online for each European country that stocks TRT supplies, I am mainly listing the English ones below, as not everyone can speak or read the native language of each country’s website. I will still list the other countries though.

Please note that if you order from the UK, or a European country other than the one you are in, you may incur slightly higher shipping charges – so keep that in mind. 

While this is a UK website, Medisave do ship to Europe. I had some issues with my address in Hungary, so while I couldn’t have supplies delivered to my apartment personally, they do still serve most of the Hungarian market as well as other European countries. 

This is another UK-based website that I’m listing. I used Ebay UK in Hungary and the vendor I ordered from was quick and reliable. Shipping was also cheap and reasonable. 

Medizinfuchs (Germany/Deutschland) comes recommended by a German viewer. This is a German site only, so non-German speakers may have difficulty navigating the site.

I’ve taken a look myself and it looks good. Great prices too. I did two years of German at school, so I will place an order with them next time to verify their reliability.


The US listing is fairly new and I will continue to update this as and when new recommendations come in and I can verify them. 

Amazon in the US stocked all the basic TRT supplies needed at time of publication of this article. They also come recommended by some of my viewers in the United States.



If there’s enough demand, I’ll add listings for other parts of the world too.

Don’t forget to send in your recommendations if you have a vendor that hasn’t been listed here. Comments are open below.




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