How Long Does Nebido Take To Kick In?

Nebido is a quite a unique little snowflake when it comes to testosterone. In this article you’ll learn how long Nebido takes to kick in initially, as well as in between injections.

Nebido is a form of testosterone called testosterone undecanoate.

It is quite different from most other testosterone as it is released much more slowly into the system and is a much longer lasting ester.

The recommended prescription for each injection interval is 10 – 14 weeks, with the average being around every 12 weeks, or 3 months.

Other testosterones are usually injected at much more frequent intervals. This could include every other day; once, twice or three times per week; or, even once every 2-3 weeks, like with Sustanon in some cases.

So naturally there is a bit more confusion around Nebido and how it works.

I want to thank Lars for his great question, which is the basis for today’s article. This is a common question asked repeatedly.

Let’s dig deeper.

Nebido – The First Injection And Loading Phase

The recommended prescription when starting Nebido is to start with one injection and then to follow up with another injection at six weeks after.

This is called the “loading phase”. The purpose of the loading phase is to make sure your testosterone levels are normalised as quickly as possible.

The loading phase is supposed to be prescribed for EVERY patient.

Taken from Nebido’s product information:

”The first injection interval is shorter so that the sustained active drug levels are reached more rapidly and the shorter interval at the beginning of therapy will make sure that testosterone levels are normalised quickly which will ensure fast alleviation of symptoms and complaints.

This shorter starting interval is advisable for every patient, regardless of whether the patient has already used other testosterone preparations or not. It is advisable that patients switching from shorter-acting testosterone injections (such as Testoviron®, Sustanon®) receive their first injection of Nebido® at the time point when their usual testosterone injection would have been due.”

Shockingly, many doctors do not apply this loading phase, despite it being advised in the product information.

If you are starting Nebido, I highly recommend that you push back against your doctor if they refuse to acknowledge the necessity of the loading phase.

Nebido – When Does It Kick In?

Nebido injections should take effect after one to two weeks.

According to the documentation, “One week after the injection, testosterone serum levels are at their maximum level.”

That means that you should start seeing an improvement in your low testosterone symptoms soon after this.

You won’t really feel anything “kick in”. The effects are not usually that strong that it feels like this big kick. Some people may experience that, but it’s not common, especially with Nebido.

Rather, it is a very smooth, subtle process as the testosterone starts to take effect.

Gradually over time, you may notice that some, if not all, of the negative effects you used to feel, have dissolved and gone away. Or, at least, have diminished significantly.

This is how you know it is working.

Timing Your Follow Up Injections

So, once you’re on Nebido and your levels are stable, when do you feel the next injection kick in?

Ideally, you don’t!

Make sure you don’t feel like this between injections

The goal of your TRT should be to ensure that you never go through any “dips”. A dip is when your testosterone levels drop too low. This is usually due to waiting too long for your next injection.

Ideally, you want to time your injections so that the next one takes effect before the previous one has completely worn off.

That way you never notice any dips and you don’t notice the new injection “kick in”. You just continue feeling good, without any interruption.

The only time you would notice an injection take effect, is if you waited too long for your next injection, and the positive effects of the previous shot had worn off and your low T symptoms returned. You should do your best to avoid this.

If you notice that your low-T symptoms start acting up again before your next injection, then you may need to discuss getting your injections more frequently.

While Nebido recommends an injection interval of 12 weeks, you may need to get them sooner.

For example, when I was on Nebido, my injection frequency was reduced to every 7-10 weeks, because waiting any longer than that caused me to experience horrible dips.

Pay attention to your body and take note of when you start to feel your symptoms return. Work with your doctor to find an injection interval that is ideal for you.


The goal of using Nebido and all TRT is to relieve your symptoms of low testosterone and keep them at bay permanently.

Once your treatment has taken effect, you and your doctor should do everything you can to maintain your testosterone levels, without any noticeable dips or side effects.

Knowledge is power, so if your doctor gives you contradictory information regarding Nebido, just show him the website and product information guidelines (listed below under references).

Nebido can be a great solution for many people when used correctly.

If you have any questions regarding Nebido, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Till next time.


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