Work With Me – FAQ

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Priority Consulting.


What is Priority Consulting?

Priority consulting is NOT medical advice. Think of it as life coaching and advice with an emphasis on getting your testosterone levels back to normal and taking control of your health, fitness and mental state.

I cannot, nor do I tell you what to do. We evaluate all the options available to you so that you can make the best decision possible for yourself.

The goal of our call is to take a look at your particular situation, and if necessary, formulate a plan of action to get your low testosterone treated as quickly as possible.

Priority Consulting simply means I prioritize your case and address it with you immediately. In essence, you get to jump the queue and work with me directly, so that we can find the best solution for you as quickly as possible.


What happens in a typical session?
I will send you a questionnaire before our session to get a better understanding of your case and requirements. During your session, we will evaluate your situation and the options available to you, and formulate a plan of action based around your particular case. Sessions are one hour.


What types of issues do you cover?

We typically focus on: identifying low testosterone symptoms and getting tested and treated, general health, diet and fitness, mindset and lifestyle.

I do not work with depression or provide therapy in any capacity! However, we do look at identifying signs of anxiety, low self-esteem and depression from a higher level.


What sort of improvements can I expect?

There are no guarantees, as each person’s case is completely different and dependent on a multitude of different factors. Potential improvements may include:

  • Improved mood and sense of well-being.
  • Increase in libido
  • Increase in confidence and a decrease in self-doubt and anxiety
  • Increase in energy and strength


Do you cover TRT Optimization and advanced protocols?

No. My coaching is purely to help beginners step into the world of testosterone replacement therapy and help them get tested, and treated, if necessary. We cover the basics, as well as lifestyle changes that may improve your testosterone levels, symptoms and health.

The TRT protocols are decided by the doctor or medical practitioners that you ultimately work with.


Do you provide/supply TRT/testosterone?

No, I do not. I am a coach and adviser, not a doctor or medical professional. I will however help guide you towards finding a doctor or medical facility that does provide TRT if you have low testosterone symptoms.

In every case, my goal is to find you the most effective treatment at the cheapest price. Ideally, our goal is to find you free treatment if possible.


Are you affiliated with or work for any medical company, like Balance My Hormones? (Full Disclosure)

No. I am independent and will always recommend the best options available to clients that I am aware of. The final decision is always up to you.

If I do start working with any medical companies in any future capacity, I will still only recommend what is in my client’s best interest. My job is to help YOU, not some medical company. If the best course of action happens to be them, so be it. But money will never influence my recommendations. If Company A offers me 1K per referral, Company B offers me 2k per referral, but I have the option to refer you to a free treatment/doctor with no fee to me, I will recommend the free treatment.



Why do you charge for consulting?

Priority consulting is offered due to special request. Any time I spend on coaching is time taken away from producing content for other men. It is also time taken from earning income elsewhere, or my personal free time. You are essentially paying to have me prioritize my time for you.

You do not have to pay for help – there is free self-help and video Q+A available. Priority consulting is specifically for those looking for immediate assistance or those that don’t wish to follow the self-help route.


Are there any hidden costs?

No. My fee is a once-off fee per one-hour session. That’s it. That includes the preparation we do too.

For most people, one session is enough time to address one problem. Only on rare occasions may a second session be necessary, for example, for complicated issues, or addressing a different issue.

Other coaches/consultants usually charge you for introductory calls and then bill you again thereafter, or they tie you into monthly contracts. I do not.


Why is your price so low?

Simple – I want make my help accessible to as many men as possible.

Other coaches offer rates between $250-$1000 per hour and higher. My coaching is for beginners and men new to TRT. The higher-priced coaches offer more in-depth, specialized testosterone/TRT optimization services. I would like my clients to still have some money left over for treatment, should they need it.


Do you offer a Guarantee?

There are no guarantees. Everyone’s body, health, hormones and situation is different and at the whims of the doctors and medical services available, all of which have differing standards and protocols on prescribing and treating low testosterone.

I do guarantee that I will only work with you if I am sure I can offer some value and assistance with your particular case. If I feel like I cannot, I will let you know and refund your money in full.


Do you offer a Refund?

If you feel like you gained no value from our session together, I will gladly issue a full refund.


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