Please note that this issue has now been resolved. The comments, contact form and mailing list are now all working again. 

During some website maintenance today, I noticed that most of the communication methods for this website have been broken since as far back as June. The Contact form and Mailing List were not working, and some of the Comments were not coming through to me.

I sincerely apologise for this and am working on the problem.

I will be posting another update before 2020 to inform you of the plans for 2020. In that update, I will confirm that the comments, contact and mailing list are all working as expected again.

If I missed your messages, I will do my best to go back through the logs and try to find them and get back to you. Alternatively, the better approach would be to wait until things are working again and repost your message.

I understand what a pain this might be and appreciate your patience.

Regards, Paolo


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Paolo Broccardo

I help men take control of their testosterone, health and lives. Testosterone Replacement Therapy turned my life around and my goal is to help other men with low testosterone do the same! Thanks to TRT, I traded anxiety, depression and weakness for courage, motivation, strength, love and masculinity. I'd love to help you do the same.

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  • Hi Paolo

    I’ve just had my 5th gluteal injection after six months of ineffective gel usage. Even after four gluteal injections there has been very minimal / zero improvement in the way I feel: still very fatigued almost all the time and have experienced only very small improvement in sexual indicators. Have you heard of people who have had to wait such a long time for improvements? I have to say that I’m getting a little pessimistic.

    Thank you as ever for your excellent, informative and helpful site.

    Best, Damian (London)

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